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Interracial dating in mississippi

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The U. Eichelberger says the fact that he and about a dozen white girls are casual friends underscores the intense feelings against interracial social relationships between the sexes.

He said he knows interracial dating in mississippi only a datijg of blacks and whites who date one. FBI spokesman Joe Ross said investigators from the Jackson office recently sent a preliminary report to Washington and are awaiting Justice Department instructions. She noted that the vote was really moot, since the U.

Supreme Court ruling Loving vs. Virginia struck down state laws barring interracial marriage as unconstitutional.

They were divorced in That license was for Roger Mills, horny ladies texas., a white law clerk from Boston, and his black bride, Bertha, 24, a native Mississippian.

The Mills now have three children, ages 16, 14 and 11 months, and live intrracial suburban Atlanta.

Census figures. Inthere wereblack-and-white couples in the United States, or 0.

Census Bureau. Of the mixed marriages,were a black husband with a white wife and 56, were a white husband with a black wife. Grymes compared those figures to 51, mixed marriages in and 65, inboth about 0.

No national figures were kept beforeand no state figures are available to indicate how many interracial couples are in Mississippi, Grymes and state officials said. All rights reserved.